Tuna Patties

This is a version of a recipe my mom made when I was a kid. It's an easy healthy dinner and a great replacement for burgers.

Tuna Patties

  • 3 cans of tuna, drained

  • 2 eggs

  • 21 saltines crushed

  • salt, pepper, Old Bay (optional)

  1. Mix everything together.

  2. Turn stove to medium and grease your pan. form tuna into six patties.

  3. Cook for about four minutes on each side.

||Total time 16 min.||

||Servings 6 || Cost $0.53 each||

This is based on a recipe that my mom invented when I was a kid. We'd dip it in Miracle Whip and we always seemed to have green beans on the side. You can eat it in a bun or with a fork. It's a fast and easy meal that is also budget-friendly. Cost about $3.15